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Private Investigators are key members to a criminal defense team. We conduct an Defense investigation on behalf of the defendant who has been charged with crime in State or Federal court. Supreme Forces will gather new evidence, visit crime scenes, interview witnesses, persons of interest, and investigate police procedures. We assist those charged with Murder, Assault, Domestic Violence, Robbery, Burglary, and Grand Theft. We also assist with Appeals, Post Conviction Relief (PCR) and much more.  With this evidence it can be used to either exonerate, or reduce severity of the charges.

Defense lawyers and private citizens have the option of hiring a private criminal defense investigator who is equally or more adept at producing the truth than federal and state law enforcement agencies. 

Do you know someone that you think was wrongfully accused. You might have a strong gut feeling of what really happened, but no real proof. Our criminal investigators can follow up on your suspicions and turn your theories into facts.

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